Vendor Management (Customized)

  • This is the module where the buyer can evaluate the performance of its suppliers based on various methodologies and parameters.
  • Such methods and parameters are all definable by buyer. Therefore, this module is customized to the buyer.
  • Supplier’s capacity to fullfill its commitments, timely and complete deliveries, frequency to answer e-RFI and e-RFQs, the fairness and competitiveness of the offers and prices of teh supplier, event based evaluation of the supplier by the end users of the buyer and many other criterias can be used to evaluate and rank your suppliers.
  • Additionally, suppliers can be invited to competence evaluation of independent quality auditing companies upon request by the buyer, because a supplier even with good reputation in the market may fail to meet your specific expectations.
  • Premium suppliers registered in b2btender are the ones inspected by independent quality auditors.