Our Mission

b2btender team is passionate for the mid and small sized companies of Turkey to “SAVE AT SOURCING” and should not fall behind in their rivals abroad. We do our best to make e-sourcing platforms becoming the norm for procuring the goods and services in Turkey. Convinced that we developed b2btender.com for two years and we keep it improving to serve you better.

Save At Sourcing

Corporates in USA and Europe which have been utilizing e-sourcing platforms effectively since 1990s, benefited on average 14.3% hard dollar savings in purchasing prices in addition to up to 60% soft dollar savings led by reduced cycle times and resources freed up. 


  • “requisition to order cycle time” improved by 65%,
  • “requisition to order costs” reduced by 49%,
  • “percentage of purchases without PO (Maverick)” reduced by 39%,
  • “spend under management” increased by 60%,
  • and every single dollar taken to the management control further brought up to 20% savings.