My Company

My Company

  • Here, supplier can define its trade registery name, short name, invoicing data and contact details and upload its company logo.
  • The status of the supplier can be either “Standart” or “Premium”.
  • Standard Supplier is the one who joined b2btender platform by an invitation from a buyer company and its visibility at the platform is limited to the buyer who invited. The product ans services of the standard supplier is not visible to the other buyer companies.
  • Premium Supplier is the one who paid to become member and accepted to be audited by an auditing company nominated by b2btender platform. The products and services of a Premium Supplier defined at b2btender platform are visible by all buyer companies using b2btender and premium suppliers can receive invitiations to e-RFQ and e-Auctions from any buyers at the platform. In case, the premium membership is not renewed, the visibility of the supplier will revert back only to the buyers who invited the suplier, previously.

Product & Service Catalog

  • The supplier can define and update its product and services together with their specs and pictures, here.
  • The supplier can add new products and services, can delete the existing ones.
  • The leadtimes of the products and services can be defined, here.
  • The supplier can also define the list prices of each product and services one by one.
  • b2btender allows the supplier to define customized prices for each client with different currencies.
  • Buyer companies will see only the prices specific to them .
  • The supplier can add new product and services in a fast way by using copying feature of b2btender.

My Buyers

Here, supplier can see all its clients on the b2btender platform. However, supplier can add a new client only if and when it recieves an invitation from that buyer company and enters that invitation number to the plaform.

Company Documents

  • Here, supplier can upload all the quality and industry certifications that it is holding.
  • The validty dates of certifications need to be entered manually.
  • Such certificates will be visible to all buyer companies if the supplier is premium, otherwise only to the buyer companies who invited the supplier to b2btender platform.