• Buyer may send an e-RFQ to you when it likes to gather price based offers from the market for the product and service(s) that it considers to purchase.
  • You have to approve first the Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Only after committing to the NDA, you become eligible to access to the content of e-RFQ.
  • Once you review the content of the e-RFQ, you have to either accept or decline the e-RFQ invitation before the deadline as set by the buyer. Declining means that you will not make an offer, as result e-RFQ invitation disappears from your inbox. Acceptance means that you are committed to make an offer.
  • b2btender’s flexible e-RFQ structure allows buyer to request quotes for multi product(s) and service(s) simultanously.
  • Furthermore, the format of the compliance questions are designed in such a way that the buyer can get net and sharp answers from you without any uncertainity.
  • Buyer can ask you two different pricing structure within the same e-RFQ; the first one is the most common one named unit price based where you are given the quantity required and asked for your best unit price. The second one is known as quantity based where you are given a total fixed budget and asked for the maximum quantity that you can deliver.