• e-RFI abbreviates electronic request for information. It is available to the users having buyer role.
  • If the buyer has no or limited knowledge about the technical, commercial and administrative aspects of the products and services that it considers to purchase, then it can send an e-RFI to the suppliers to gather information from the market.
  • Buyer can ask anything that it wants to learn about the product and services via e-RFI but usually the emphasize is on technical, administrative, commercial details, lead times and sourcing locations.
  • e-RFI ofrmat enables the buyer to classify its questions under headlines to make the evaluation process easier. Buyer can send e-RFI to any supplier including the ones not registered in b2btender platform.
  • Both buyer and the suppliers may add documents, files including drawings, pictures to identify the product and services better.
  • Buyer can set a deadline for the suppliers to answer the e-RFI. Evaluation of e-RFI answers is very easy for teh buyers.
  • b2btender platform lists all answers from each suppliers next to each other on teh same screen so that the buyer can easily see and compare suppliers’ answers.
  • All the answers are archieved for future reference.