Demand Management

Purchase Demand Requests

  • This module is open to all users with standart roles.
  • The user having standard role can create his /her purchsed demand requests in this module.
  • Creating demand request is a two steps process. At the first step, user defines a short subject and type of cost (cost center for indirect costs or project center for direct costs). At the second step, user adds the product and/or services s/he is in need.
  • Such product and services should have been registered in the company catalogue by the company buyers in advance. Hence the product and services picked by the user from the catalogue are complete with price information.
  • In case the product or services are not registered in the catalogue, the user needs to contact to the procurement department to make them eneterd into the catalogue.
  • b2btender platform assigns a refernce number to each purchase demand request being created. Should trhe request covers products and services with multi currencies, all are coverted into company main currency by using the up to date exchange rates available at the “Currencies” section.
  • User can access, edit and print all his/her requests and send it to the internal approval process.
  • Demand requests created are sent to the approvers according to the total value of the demand requests as per the approval process already defined for each cost center and project center.

Demand Approval Lists

  • User can follow up his/her demand requests by checking who has already approved by when, whose approval is pending and can chase as needful.
  • The user can archieve his/her requests when they are closed.