Contract Management (Customized)

  • Contracts are legal and fiscal binding processes including endless transactions and correspondances that must be conducted by close attention for months and even years depending on the scope of the contracted product and services. Documents missing, information lost, deliveries under dispute and as a result contracts not closed for years wastes buyers’ resources and consitutes legal, fiscal and financial and commercial risks.
  • b2btender developed this module to make the contract management fast, reliable, provable, auditable and real timed by preventing contractual conflicts and disputes where the reconcilaition has never been reached despit ethe contract ending date expired years ago.
  • This module is customized to buyer ıpon request.
  • Contract templates are designed and created according to the buyer’s own contractual terms and conditions and content. These templates are taken as base for the contracts with the suppliers.
  • Predetermined terms and conditions are activated so that suppliers can update these activated fields online and real time basis, but can be finalized only upon approval by the buyer.
  • Supporting documents and evidences such as proof of deliveries, acceptance certificates, contract related correspondances can be archived with scanned copies whereever applicable. Therefore, every single move regarding the contract is registered for future reference.
  • Completion ratio of teh contract is visible to both buyer and supplier at any time.
  • At the time of contract ending date, the mutual reconciliation will be already ready beacsue each contractual transaction and progress has already been done in a transparent way and recorded and archived.