• This module enables you to analyze and report yoru perfromance as supplier based on the transactions over b2btender platform.
  • Each KPI (Key Performance İndicies) reports your supplier performance and addresses the improvement areas of your supply process.

Such KPIs are listed below but new ones can be added by you:

  • Quantity and value of purchase orders received per months and years
  • Breakdown of purchase orders among your buyers
  • e-RFI invitations you received and your participation rate
  • e-RFQ invitations that you received , your participation rate and total value of your offers
  • Conversion rate of your offers into purchase orders
  • Total number and value of e-auction invitations you received and your participation rate
  • Your success rate at e-auctions (your ranking)
  • Your delivery performance vs purchase orders (acceptance, rejection and return rates).